ASP Culture

ASP Apparel was a custom-made clothing business that I, Ashley S. Palmer (aka ASP or Ash Palmer), created at the beginning of 2009 in England, drawing upon my experience as a professional graphic designer in the embroidery and screen print industry from the age of 18.In my twenties I combined these skills with a fusion of Faustian fascinations, including Satanism and Black Metal, pan-European Paganism and Neofolk, Philosophy and Scepticism, and Science and Futurism. This unique synthesis was initially cultivated via apparel but grew into an array of arts, crafts, and media, which became known as ASP Culture.

During over a decade of operation, I personally designed and single-handedly created a wide range of bespoke items of clothing and accessories in-house, destined for Satanists and Heathens located in over 50 countries worldwide.Notable creative collaborations included official merchandise for the Church of Satan, Underworld Amusements, and bands in the Metal, Industrial, and Neofolk music genres.

"Take a look at ASP Apparel . . . the quality is top-notch""I love Ashley Palmer & ASP Apparel . . . I'm glad to see him doing so well. All my best to you, Ashley."

- Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice on Ash Palmer, ASP Apparel & ASP Culture

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What Now?

As a lifelong Nietzschean atheist and Futurist with a penchant for the Ancient "Pagan" world, I revisited and discovered integral works over the past decade, and through deep study and philosophical refinement, my current worldview is no longer unwittingly tainted by pseudohistorical Judeo-Christian occultism which undergirds many aspects of "Satanism" and "Heathenry" / "Germanic Paganism".In recent years I have found inspiration in a positive, science-based, futuristic revitalisation of authentic pre-Christian mythologems and gods as inspirational archetypes — shining examples being the Greco-Roman triad of Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo.