Church of Satan Est. 1966 Chevron Pennant

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Honour the founding of the one and only Church of Satan with our Officially Licensed Sigil of Baphomet Chevron Pennant Banner.

This design features a Mephistophelian marriage of the astounding aesthetics from Anton Szandor LaVey's vital vinyl LP The Satanic Mass, with the distinctly devilish Gothic typography of seminal Church of Satan stationery.

Our Church of Satan Est. 1966 Sigil of Baphomet Chevron Pennant is a striking Satanic flag that can be proudly displayed by Church of Satan members and Satanists as an adornment for your own Black House or Satanic Ritual chamber.

Our official Satanic merchandise is designed and custom printed in-house by Church of Satan Reverend Ashley S. Palmer, utilising expertise gained from over a decade as a professional designer and creator of bespoke merchandise.


15 x 12 inches (380 x 310mm)
Matte polycotton fabric with firm backing and overlocked edging. Finished with elegant glossy trim and nylon fringing. Includes hanging cord and removable rod and ferrules.
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