Inequality Symbol Hooded Ritual Cloak

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Champion Meritocracy with our Inequality Symbol Hooded Ritual Cloak.

Egalitarianism is a myth that breeds weakness and rewards mediocrity. We embrace the stratified and Darwinian reality of Nature to encourage strength, self-improvement and the mastery of diverse skills.

With its mid-weight cotton drill fabric and black satin lined hood, our Inequality Symbol Hooded Ritual Cloak is a stunning social Darwinist cloak perfect for social Darwinists and Church of Satan Neopagans to wear for Pagan ritual.

Our social Darwinist ritual attire is designed and custom printed in-house by Ashley S. Palmer, utilising expertise gained from over a decade as a professional designer and creator of bespoke merchandise.

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Classic loose fit for men and women.

50 inch (1270mm) drop from neck to hem.
300 gsm (mid-weight) cotton drill, black satin lined hood and neck fastening.
Print Size:

66mm / 2.6 inches (largest dimension)
Delivery Timescale:

Custom orders are created in 5-10 business days and sent via Priority Business Mail with a delivery aim of:
UK - 1-3, Europe - 3-5 and Rest of the World - 5-10 business days from dispatch.

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