ASP Lozenge Circular Patch

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Show your support for ASP Culture with our ASP Lozenge Circular Patch.

The ASP Lozenge was designed by our founder Ashley S. Palmer as personal insignia to represent ASP Culture and other personal projects. The symbol is comprised of modified ancient runes to form the initials and lightning bolt flash.

Inspired by military insignia and heavy metal/biker patches, our ASP Lozenge Circular Patch is a striking Heathen patch badge that can be proudly displayed by Heathens, Satanists, Archeofuturism and ASP fans as a Heathen accessory on your favourite jacket or any item that you choose to sew onto.

Our Heathen patches are designed and custom printed in-house by Ashley S. Palmer, utilising expertise gained from over a decade as a professional designer and creator of bespoke merchandise.

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Polycotton fabric. Backed, edged and ready to sew on.
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Custom orders are created in 5-10 business days and sent via Priority Business Mail with a delivery aim of:
UK - 1-3, Europe - 3-5 and Rest of the World - 5-10 business days from dispatch.

FREE Shipping Worldwide!