Iron Cross Banner Flag (Vertical)

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Revel in Rebellion with our Iron Cross Banner Flag.

Originally German military insignia, the Iron Cross has become a popular symbol of strength, honour and rebellion.

Inspired by occult and military ritual regalia, our Iron Cross Banner is a striking Military flag that can be proudly displayed by Bikers, Heavy Metal, Neofolk and Martial Industrial fans as an adornment for the Military home or ritual environment.

Our Military banner flags are designed and custom printed in-house by Ashley S. Palmer, utilising expertise gained from over a decade as a professional designer and creator of bespoke merchandise.

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5 x 3 ft (1520 x 910cm)
Opaque matte polycotton fabric.
Print Size:

450mm / 17.7 inches (largest dimension)
Delivery Timescale:

Custom orders are created in 5-10 business days and sent via Priority Business Mail with a delivery aim of:
UK - 1-3, Europe - 3-5 and Rest of the World - 5-10 business days from dispatch.

FREE Shipping Worldwide!