The Occult Technology of Power

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"Crucial is to create the impression that, although the people have been exploited in the past, today the wealthy are at the mercy of an all-powerful government which is firmly in the hands of the people or do-gooding liberals." —The Occult Technology of Power

This is the programme of the one percent! First surfacing in 1974 from underground sources, The Occult Technology of Power is a blueprint distilling the esoteric doctrines and technics of the global elite. These initiatory lessons from a cadre of technocrats is now available with a never before collected appendix of revelatory information. The publisher assumes no responsibility for those who use this book to expose those in control—or to join them.

“A little gem of protocol which displays acute perception. A Satanic overview.” —Anton Szandor LaVey, Cloven Hoof, Nov./Dec. 1974

“Written as if it were a set of lectures by the central philosophers of a master conspiracy. Their personal viewpoint is rational egoism, but they want to keep the wisdom of this perspective secret-since it is impossible to exploit a person who maintains a self-conscious, self-interested frame of reference... This reviewer is very pleased with the discovery of a text we had at first avoided because of its title. The little book is very much worth its price.” —Joe Cobb, Reason Magazine, May, 1976

Underworld Amusements' books are proudly designed and published by our friend Kevin I. Slaughter; a talented graphic designer, bibliophile, egoist, and Church of Satan Magister.

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The Occult Technology of Power
Edited and Designed by Kevin I. Slaughter
Cover artwork and custom typeface by Paul Slagle
76 pages, Black and White Bleed on White paper
5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

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